Tanzania Treasures

In 2005, St Matthew Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE and the Tella Lutheran Congregation on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, became Companion Synod Partner Parishes. This was at the encouragement of Bishop DeFreeze and as a result of a visit to Tanzania by Mary Mayfield.

Tangible items are auctioned as offerings for the church.

Tangible items are auctioned as offerings for Tella parish.

We have exchanged information, photos, and made six visits to date. It is a growth process and a valuable learning experience. We consider ourselves not only fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but friends. We plan to have friends from Tella parish visit us in Omaha in 2017. Watch our website for more information about your opportunity to meet them!

Tanzanian Treasures: Fabric and More is a mission project of St Matthew Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE which grew out of our love and concern for our partner parish. We sell Tanzanian fabric, jewelry, photos, baskets, dresses, etc., by appointment, at quilt shows, and when giving programs. The sales provide scholarships to women in the Mt. Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, East Africa. 50% of each purchase goes to the Tanzanian Women’s Scholarship Fund and 50% to the artisan. For photos and more details click here.

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Join us for 8th Annual Tanzania Fabric, Fun and Facts, a Benefit Retreat for the Tanzania Women’s Scholarship Fund held at Camp Carol Joy Holling near Ashland, Nebraska on Sunday, February 26th through Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. For more details about the event click here.

In 2016 seven women from the Tella Lutheran Parish received scholarships. Five of them are studying at the Angaza Women’s Training Center in Sanya Juu and two others are at Natiro Secondary School. These boarding schools are at the foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Two of the scholarship recipients studying at Angaza are taking cooking and catering, two are studying tailoring, fabric dying, etc, and one is studying hotel management.


2016 Scholarship recipients at Angaza Women’s training center.


Scholarship recipients at Katira Secondary School.

For more information contact Companion Synod Partner Parish Chairman Mary Mayfield by phone at 402-778-0291 or email at mayfieldm@cox.net