Tanzania Treasures Scholarships

Rovines, Eliaichi, Angela, Miriam, and Elisia are the 2013 scholarship recipients attending Angaza Women's Training Center.

Rovines, Eliaichi, Angela, Miriam, and Elisia are the 2013 scholarship recipients attending Angaza Women’s Training Center.

The six 2014 scholarships were made possible through, TANZANIAN TREASURES, FABRIC AND MORE, a mission project of St Matthew Lutheran Church. These young women from our Partner Parish, Tella Lutheran, in Tanzania, East Africa were sponsored by the St Matthew’s Women of the ELCA Unit. We sell Tanzanian jewelry, baskets, fabric, clothing, batiks, artwork, photos, cards, and more. We give programs, man booths at Quilt Shows, etc. to earn money for our sisters in Christ at Tella Lutheran, located 7 1/2 miles up on Mt Kilimanjaro.

The scholarships awarded are for 80% of the tuition, board, room, uniform, and books.

Caroline Maro just finished her 1, 2, & 3 level vocational education exams and has applied for a new government teachers program taking methodology classes. It is a 2 and 1/2 year program and Pastor Jocline, Angaza Director, asked if we would consider renewing her scholarship next year. The Angaza Women’s Training Center would like Caroline to teach there when she finished her studies.

Christine Mawi is presently interning for her hotel management course. She will be graduating in January. She is a fun loving and energetic divorced young lady. She and her children are living with her parents at present. She is most grateful for this opportunity for an education.

Christine Saria is interning for her hotel management course. Pastor Jocline, Angaza’s Training Center Director, tells us she is a hardworking young lady. Christine is from a vulnerable family and appreciates the opportunity to attend school.

Janeth Mosha is also a student the Angaza Women’s Training Center. All the girls from our Tella Parish have been good students and worked very hard at their studies says Pastor Jocline, Angaza Director. Janeth is presently interning in the Hotel Management course.

Virginia and Lydia are students at Katira Secondary School. They are interested in becoming nurses and are working hard at their studies so they may reach their goal.