A Consideration of Marriage


According to the 2009 ELCA Social statement on Sexuality, Pastors and Congregations of the church are responsible to establish local practices for conducting and recognizing marriages. The recent US Supreme Court decision legalizing same-gender marriage opens up the door for us at St. Matthew to discern what God is expecting here. During this fall, we will be sharing in some time to study, pray and talk together on this topic. Every member of this community is called to be part of this process. There will be study sessions during Wednesday evening KAPOW activities, as well as other opportunities for you to participate as well. Watch this space, as well as the Sunday bulletin and ACTS newsletter for more information. Please bring your open heart and faith with you when you come!

Presentation One: How did we get here? View Session One.

Presentation Two: Getting right with the Bible – Binding and Loosing. View Session Two.

Presentation Three: What is Marriage? View Session Three.