Persistent Grace


a time of devotion, prayer and fellowship for people with chronic disabilities

People of faith depend on the promise that God’s love is ever-lasting, enduring. We hear the promise of his abiding presence and take comfort in it. In a world where everything seems so temporary, the eternal Grace of God gives us hope and help.

For people with chronic disabilities, words like constant and unending are a very different experience.

For us, those words define our reality is very specific ways. Unrelenting disease. Never-ending pain. Permanent handicap. Our disabilities are a constant presence in our lives and an unceasing demand on our attention and time. Our disabilities do not define us, but they are a constant companion that impacts daily decisions.

We are looking for a God who is just as persistent as our disabilities.

Persistent Grace is a spiritual experience to create space for God to speak to us in our particular place. In prayer and devotion we listen for God’s word of grace and healing to remind us that we are whole and loved just as we are. In prayer, we lift up our pain and our struggle to a God who listens to us and sympathizes with us. In community, we find friends and companions to share our journey.

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